Upcoming Public Educational Programs – Fall/Winter 2019-20

November 101:00 PM - 2:00 PMDoan History Center"It's a WRAP!" - The Science of Saran and Plastic Films
December 1512:00 PM - 4:00 PMDoan History CenterChristmas Chemistry/TBD

All the ways in which the Midland ACS looks to make a positive difference in our community!!!

Educational and Community Outreach

FREE hands-on teacher workshops compliant with current standards are offered by request.

Community Events

  • Kids Day at the Midland Mall occurs yearly with different themes and activities for families and children.
  • Midland Riverdays are annually supported by the ACS to ensure community bonding and fun during this summer event.

Specialized Programs

  • “Scientific Wonder and Artful Genius” provide hands-on experiences for a variety of audiences.
  • Science Cafes offer interactive experiences with speakers and more throughout the course of the year.