Please see below for a few 3D Augmented Reality models that you can bring up on your Phone! These are models of molecules featured within our centennial exhibit.

How to view models:

  1. First, with a QR code reader app OR your camera app (with QR codes enabled), hover over the QR Code. Click on/go to the link provided.
  2. Next, “Allow Permissions” when your phone asks to allow the use of your camera.
  3. After the page refreshes and your screen now looks like you are about to take a photo, aim your phone at the image to the right of/below the QR Code.
  4. The AR-3D model should now display on your phone. You can move your phone but always keep the full original image (see step 3) in your camera’s view. (Otherwise the 3D model will disappear.)

AR 3D Models:




Silly Putty:

Sodium Polyacrylate: