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“Chemistry with Complications: One Woman’s Path”

Photo credit: Marcia Dilling.

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“Past and Present: Pandemics in Midland and the Chemistry Connection”

Photo courtesy of the Midland County Historical Photograph Collection, Midland County Historical Society.

Click the button to read Regina Malczewski’s article: “Past and Present: Pandemics in Midland and the Chemistry Connection.”

New Chemist Spotlights

Dale Meier has now joined the group of Chemist Spotlights.

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Fred McLafferty has joined the group of Chemist Spotlights!

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Centennial Exhibit

Shown above are 2019 centennial year pins, designed by John Metcalf, commemorating our 100-year anniversary and exhibit and the 50th Central Regional ACS Meeting held in Midland.

New access to the exhibit A Century of Science and Service: 100 Years of the Midland Section of the American Chemical Society is NOW AVAILABLE to the public at the Central Michigan University Museum!

A virtual version of a past installation of this exhibit is still available online through the ‘Exhibit and More’ tab on this website. The ACS-Midland Section is providing these materials for those who did not get a chance to visit the previous installation of the exhibit, as well as for those who wish to revisit a particular part or might be interested in hosting it. Many thanks to our visitors, to those who participated in associated programming, and to our benefactors!

Updates Blog

  • Success!

    We had a marvelous turnout on September 22 to celebrate the grand opening of the new installation of the ACS-Midland Section centennial exhibit at the CMU Museum! Congratulations and thank you to everyone who made this possible!


    The day is finally here! Join us at the CMU Museum on September 22 to view the new installation of the Midland ACS centennial exhibit and help welcome Dr. Angela K. Wilson, President of the American Chemical Society, to this celebration!

  • Centennial Exhibit Update 07/26/2022

    Work continues on the American Chemical Society exhibit as new panels and museum entrance signage go through final approval and are installed! 

  • Centennial Exhibit Update 6/17/2022

    In an exhibit, such as the Midland ACS centennial exhibit now being installed at the CMU Museum, it is important that each panel is readable and easily accessible to visitors. This means planning lighting carefully, considering not only the lights themselves but also their installation. 

    Today’s image shows several members of the CMU Museum staff brainstorming different lighting setups for the centennial exhibit in preparation for visitors soon to come!

  • Centennial Exhibit Update 5/25/2022

    The Midland ACS centennial exhibit is nearly ready — check out these behind-the-scenes photos!