Note: This is a virtual representation of the original installation of the Midland ACS centennial exhibit in 2019.

There are two ways to access each exhibit section:

  1. Click on the ACS logos within the exhibit layout below
  2. Click on the text links which follow the image of the exhibit layout

Due to the large size of exhibit graphics, please be patient while each image loads. If issues arise, please try a different browser or internet connection.

Exhibit Sections

Section 1: Title and Introduction

Section 2: History

Section 3: Communications

Section 4: Leadership

Section 5: Unintended Consequences

Section 6: People, Products, Processes, Patents, and Tools

Section 7: Education

Section 8: Periodic Table of Midland ACS Members

Note: The Periodic Table of Midland ACS Members is only accessible via the above link (“Section 8: Periodic Table…”) and not through the image.