Centennial Exhibit Update 3/24/2022

During a ‘work party’ last night, CMU students in the MST 315: Museums, Stakeholders and Communities course made great progress in the installation of the Midland ACS centennial exhibit at the CMU Museum!

These students completed tasks such as preparing walls for more construction, assembling monitors, and salvaging pieces from previous exhibits for use in this project. They were also instrumental in testing the setup for the exhibit’s “tower”!

Thank you to all for your hard work!

Centennial Exhibit Update 3/22/2022

The Midland ACS centennial exhibit at the CMU Museum is blossoming with the new season!

Last Thursday, CMU Museum Student Assistants Julia Burkholder and Isaac Hunter were instructed by Collections Manager Ron Bloomfield in the technique of covering the newly-constructed walls (made of recycled material from past exhibits!) of the exhibit area with an appropriate neutral base. Using carpet as cladding for this space has many benefits, such as providing a surface to support hook-and-loop backing on exhibit elements. More updates coming soon!